CAMOT Partners China Firms Competitiveness Report (CFCR)

CAMOT has established a partnership network for benchmarking China Firm Competitiveness and publishing China Firms Competitiveness Report on mutual interest and benefit:

Modalities for Collaboration

All CAMOT partnership institutes participating in the network shall be subject to the following guidelines:

  • The primary aim for the implementation of the network will be the publication of CAMOT China Firms Competitiveness Report
  • An annual report on the institute‚Äôs activities concerning CFCR shall be submitted to CAMOT
  • The period of the partnership is for three years, with the possibility of renewal, subject to the continued fulfilment of the criteria mentioned below
  • The partnership does not create any financial, human resource or other obligation for either party other than those specified therein
  • The use of the logo of each party shall be given favourable consideration for ad hoc activities, subject to prior written approval in each case
  • All CAMOT partnership institutes participating in the network shall be acknowledge in China Firms Competitiveness Report
  • The partnership will be established on the basis of a memorandum of understanding (MOU)


Those institutes interested in presenting their candidatures for admission to the CAMOT partnership network, and who share our vision, aims and objectives, and fulfil the criteria set out above, are kindly invited to contact the CAMOT by writing to:

  • Dr Richard Li-Hua

  • Email

Criteria for Entering into Partnership

Those institutes wishing to participate in the network must fulfil the following basic, key criteria:

  • Be a governmental or not-for-profit organization or academic institute of higher education learning
  • Have a mandate and program of activities that are consonant with CAMOT mission, aims and objectives
  • Have achieved excellence in the quality of its research and training activities, which must include the international aspects of MOT
  • Making a significant contribution to the field of MOT
  • Have a minimum of three full-time academic or research staff to implement the research program as per the requirement of CAMOT
  • Have a proven track record in cooperating with CAMOT or other international research institutions in the area of MOT
  • Have suitable on-site training facilities, including adequate training rooms, teaching equipment (including Internet access and work stations for trainees), and research and reference materials.