The China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT) is proud to be a partner of the United Nations on its recent initiative – Academic Impact. We have no hesitation in endorsing whole heartedly the 10 principles of the Academic Impact. We will engage our members in higher education across the world in promoting these principles. We sincerely believe that these principles are pivotal in building a peaceful world and harmonious societies.

CAMOT incorporated with International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) and International Forum of Technology Management (IFTM), offers its members association with professionals and academics in the field. It has been acknowledged that there is particularly close interaction between IAMOT, IFTM and the founding members of CAMOT following the successful launching of Journal of Technology Management in China by Emerald Insight in the UK in 2005.

CAMOT is an international organization committed to encouraging and supporting researchers and professionals who are engaging research in strategic management of technology and innovation in China. CAMOT aims to establish national, regional, and international collaborative research programs in the field of technology management, technology transfer, technology innovation, as well as knowledge transfer by engaging government agencies, funding agencies, educational institutions, state-own enterprises (SOEs) as well as private sectors in China. CAMOT stresses the importance of keeping-up with the fast pace of technological change and the emerging new global paradigms of the business environment. MOT is an important strategic instrument to improve competitiveness and create prosperity in China. CAMOT believes that there is a need for appropriate infrastructures, strategies and mechanism to be established in order to support the diffusion of management of technology principles throughout China and a need to address the existing gaps in the process of technology management, which will assist in implementing more sustainable arrangement for successful technology transfer and technology innovation.


CAMOT Vision

The vision of CAMOT is to inspire excellence for management of technology and promote the appropriate diffusion of management of technology principles throughout China.

CAMOT Aims and Objectives

  • To provide a platform for researchers and professionals to debate on how competitive advantages can be achieved through the application of successful technology management
  • To provoke the current and strategic thinking of how core competences can be achieved through technology management
  • To provide a platform for Chinese researchers, academics and practitioners to have close interaction with counterparts in the West
  • To provide a platform for researchers, academics and practitioners in West to have close interaction with their Chinese counterparts
  • To advance MOT research in China
  • To promote MOT education in China


CAMOT Activities

The Aims and Objectives of CAMOT will be achieved through the following activities and collaborative activities with other organizations:

  • To organize international academic conferences attended by its members and those who are interested
  • To organize international symposium on MOT in China
  •  To publish current thinking and strategic planning of MOT through Journal of Management of Technology in China (JCMT), its website, its newsletter and proceedings of conferences
  •  To cooperate with IAMOT and IFTM in promotion and advancement of MOT research and MOT education in China


 Financial Support

The financial support of the Association shall consist of:

  • Contributions from symposiums/conferences (to be determined by the Association)
  • Contributions from both government agencies, international funding agencies, SOE’s and private sectors in China